Read more about TurnTenFeed roughing big 4140 alloy forgings on a 1936 72″ King Vertical Lathe!!!

Customer stated ” “These tools can rip off excess material like a beast!! They seem to like a high surface speed, and a high feed rate/rev. The corner and edge geometry of this tool are incredibly tough and bust through forging scale no problem”

TurnTenFeed from Tungaloy – Innovative tool for machining efficiency and tool economy

Economical, 10-cornered insert ensures high machining efficiency

TurnTen-Feed maximizing efficiency and economy in medium to heavy turning operations.

PDF (Metric)

e-Catalog (Metric) , e-Catalog (Imperial)


– Available in 2 types of holders: HD type for large depths of cut and HF type for high feed turning

  • Maximum 7 mm (0.276″) depth of cut, or maximum 2.0 mm (0.079″) feed per rev is attainable

– Economical 10-cornered, double-sided, M-class insert

  • Achieves outstanding cost efficiency over standard ISO inserts

– New MNW style chipbreaker

  • Features protrusions on the rake face to facilitate smooth chip control, while achieving high crater wear resistance

– Dovetail clamping

  • Ensures secure insert retention while promoting smooth chip flow thanks to the integration of lever lock and dovetail clamping methods.

– Flat Wiper

  • Built in the cutting edge to achieve superior machining surface at higher feed rates

ISO Application Range

Saved the customer 10 hours on 100 parts rough turning P20 steel!!