Small-diameter high feed milling cutter with robust design for stability and efficiency

Indexable high-feed milling cutter, available in as small as ø8 mm in diameter, offers free cutting and effective chip control in a wide range of applications

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– Built to perform at higher machining conditions

  • Strong insert corner for high feed operations

– Thick insert corner is designed to withstand fracturing force

  • Robust and easy-to-handle insert screws

– M2 screws reduce screw neck shears under high cutting forces. A larger screw enhances insert’s fixation and easy handling.

– Proper chip formation assures a reliable machining process

  • Positive inclination angle of the insert promotes smooth chip evacuation

– Ensures high efficient machining in various operations

– Improved machining efficiency thanks to close pitch design and wider application capability

– High feed capability improves tool life and machining efficiency

– 2 insert styles for various applications

  • High feed insert (LSMT-HM)
  • R2 insert (LSMT-MM)


– Shoulder milling

– Slotting

– Ramping

– Plunging and traversing

– Helical interpolation

– Hole enlarging

ISO Application Range

Test Reports

Increased MRR slotting Inconel 718 reducing machining time by 30%!
Increased MRR by 2.5 times while increasing tool life by 1.7 times slotting D2 (50~60HRC)
Increased MRR 2.3 times pocketing AISI 1049!
Increased MRR by 2.3 times Slotting AISI 1049 Thanks to its free cutting geometry!
Increased MRR by 3 times while increasing tool life by 10 times Waterline milling Inconel 718
Increased MRR by 2.5 times Pocketing Ti-6Al-4V

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