Our latest grade AH7025, combined with the DGS chip breaker not only increased tool life by 200% but also reduced crater wear and cycle time.

This result was achieved without making any changes to cut data or the machining process.

>Test Report – 200% Tool Life increase Hastelloy <

This is just one of many impressive applications we have attained this level of result with AH7025 on a multitude of difficult materials.

>Test Report – 100% Tool Life increase 304 Stainless <

>Test Report – 38% Tool Life increase Inconel <


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Multi-functional system for diverse grooving needs

TungCut has a wide selection of standard items; inserts and toolholders are applicable for all grooving operations.

PDF (Metric) , PDF (Imperial)

e-Catalog (Metric) , e-Catalog (Imperial)


– Multi-functional grooving system

  • Rich line-up of inserts and toolholders for diverse grooving operations

– Stable tool life and accuracy

  • Long insert pocket for high rigidity
  • High repeatability due to long insert shape


– External, internal, and face grooving, turning, and parting-off

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