Tungaloy UK have recently enjoyed collaborating with Interface Precision Engineering Ltd, a South coast specialist sub-contract precision manufacturer. Interface were looking to reduce cycle time and cost per part on a batch of Grade 5 Titanium components and decided to test out Tungaloy’s NEW CBN grade BX815 to improve the finishing process.

Experienced machinist Nick Spiers commented “I never thought I’d see these figures on grade 5 Titanium, 300m/min surface speed, 0.12mm/rev feed.” However, the increased surface speed doesn’t tell the full story of this impressive cost saving.

When the 300m/min surface speed is combined with a 433% improvement in Tool Life, a Metal Removal Rate (cm3/min) increase of 498% and a Total Machining Cost reduction of 66%, you are achieving some substantial reductions in Cost per batch.

>>> See Full Test Report <<<

The improvements on this application do not stop there, the iridescent surface finish produced by BX815 is something not usually associated with such high levels of cutting data.

Nick commented “13 parts later and I’ve only had to move the bore up by .01”

Watch below a snap shot of the application

Do you have a similar on a Super Alloy component?

Can BX815 reduce your Cost per Part and Production Time?

Why not click the below link, request your sample inserts and one of our application engineers can support you either remotely or on the shop floor.


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