Feb 2020 – Request a copy of the 2020 Tungaloy Catalogue

1708 Pages packed full of products and useful information!

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Parting
  • Grooving
  • Threading
  • Miniature Machining
  • Tooling Systems
  • Grades
  • User’s Guide
  • And much much more….

Nov 2019 – Request a FREE trial of TungBoreMini

Multifunctional tool for drilling and turning, reduced machine downtime thanks to eliminating the need for tool changes

Minimum number of tools for maximum productivity

  • A single TungBoreMini tool can handle multiple operations such as ID turning after drilling without exchanging the tools
  • Allows drilling and hole enlargement on various materials, instead of using a drill and turning tool
  • Can be used just like a standard ISO turning tool for ID, OD, and/or face turning applications

Nov 2019 – The all NEW Tungaloy Engineers

Packed with useful information, DOWNLOAD or request a copy NOW! 

  • Negative Turning Insert Selector
  • Grade Overview
  • Grade and Breaker comparison guide
  • Calculation formulas for turning
  • Troubleshooting in turning
  • Chip controllability
  • Calculation formulas for milling
  • Surface roughness
  • Calculating power requirement
  • Trouble shooting in face milling
  • Average Chip Thickness

Nov 2019 – 3 week delivery on SPECIAL milling cutters???

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Nov 2019 – Request your FREE copy of our 2020 Calendar 

Tungaloy UK are proud sponsors of the University of Wolverhampton Race Team (UWR) and to honour another superb season, resulting in a P2 finish in the @f3cup championship we have dedicated our 2020 calendar to their season!

Oct 2019 – Duncan Boyle of Tungaloy UK interview by Giovanni Albanese on MTDCNC 

Find out why Tungaloy will help you with productivity.

Oct 2019UPDATE of the 2019 Introductions Catalogue

Update includes…

New grades, New Sizes, New Pricing all valid until August 2020!

TurnTenFeed – Now available in grade AH8015 for Heat-resistant Superalloys & Stainless

T9200 Series – T9205, T9215 & T9235 added to the T9225 ISO Turning Inserts

DrillMeister – Many more diameters added + 8xD and 12xD drill bodies

Pricing – Attractive pricing on all holders and bodies

Sept 2019Release of our TinyMiniTurn Offer Catalogue

Solid carbide boring bar for small-diameter turning

Extra-fine cutting edge offers high-precision machining for a wide range of internal applications.

Features: – Extra-fine cutting edge, Coolant hole

Applications: – Boring, profiling, chamfering, threading, and grooving

Sept 2019Release of our SolidMeister Offer Catalogue


Our wide range of solid carbide endmills enhances your machining efficiency and stability in a broad spectrum of applications

Sept 2019Release of our DMC Drill Head Offer

Try our New DMC Self centering Drilling Head

No Cost, No Commitment, No Catches…
Nothing to lose, just TIME and MONEY to SAVE!

Then take advantage of our Special Introduction Prices

Sept 2019 – Tungaloy sole UK agent for Inntool

INNOTOOL, which stands for “Innovative Tooling“, is a market leader in indexable milling products.

The high shear geometry design of cutter body and inserts ensures that Innotool performs very well on low powered machines and often the cutting data can be increased considerably due to the soft cutting action.

The range of standard tooling has increased to now also contain a full range of tools for die & mould machining, as well as a range of indexable insert short hole drills. In addition to the complete range of standard end mills, square shoulder mills, helical end mills, side and face mills and die and mould tooling, INNOTOOL can offer an excellent and fast service for special solutions.

August 2019 – Release of the Engineers Selection


This catalogue provides our customers with some of our Best Performing products, at very attractive prices!

March 2019Release of Tungaloy 2019 Introductions.

Since 1929, Tungaloy have been pioneers in materials research, coating technology, the development of cemented carbides and innovative cutting tool solutions.
In 2019, with the release of the New Introductions Catalogue, Tungaloy continue to strengthen its extensive portfolio, developing ground-breaking coatings, geometries and products, ensuring the performance of our tools remains the benchmark in the industry.

November 2018Tungaloy chooses University Engineering event to host global product launch.

A University of Wolverhampton Skills & Engineering Day was the venue for the global unveiling of a brand new piece of cutting technology developed by Tungaloy. The company, with its UK based on the university’s science park in Wolverhampton, chose the event for the global launch of its Tung-ForceFeed, a small-diameter high feed indexable milling cutter. It was the first time this innovative new product had been seen outside of the companies Research and Development department in Japan. Tungaloy held live machining demonstrations, along with event partners Hurco and AutoDesk, at the all-day event run at the university’s School of Engineering at Telford. The School was also addressing issues such as graduate recruitment, skills improvements, apprenticeships, industrial problem solving and research opportunities. As part of the event, the collaboration between Tungaloy UK, Autodesk and Hurco enabled delegates to learn more about the mutual benefits to be gained by working with the School of Engineering. Attendees were welcomed by Dr Syed Hasan, Head of the School of Engineering, and were able to see live machining demonstrations from University staff. Tungaloy selected the event to launch TungForceFeed to the delegates who were the first people to see the product in action. Rob Werhun, Managing Director of Tungaloy UK, said: “All the attendees agreed the event was a great success and signifies the start of an exciting journey for not just Tungaloy and the School of Engineering but also future industry partners. “The success of this particular event was down to the collaboration with our partners Hurco and Autodesk. “The main objectives of this and future events is to create industry ready students who will have gained hands on experience by choosing Wolverhampton University for their degree studies. “By offering opportunities to use the School of Engineering’s facilities and train on the machinery which industry use then we make Wolverhampton University a great choice for prospective students.”

Tungaloy UK Managing Director Rob Werhun, interviewed by MTDCNC

Impressive live machine demonstration from the University of Wolverhampton Skills & Engineering

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